Jamaican cuisine is world renowned for its aromatic spices and unique palate, developed in thanks to the fusion of cooking styles from the island’s indigenous people, as well as its African, Indian, European, and Chinese populace. Jamaica is inhabited by people with predominantly African ancestry, though there are a significant amount of people with European, Chinese, and Indian ancestry who call the island home. Due to emigration, Jamaican culture has spread throughout the world, bringing their unique music – such as reggae and ska, style, and food to the masses. Due to just how delicious Jamaican food is, and how welcoming those who make it are, Jamaican cuisine is known around the world for its characteristic comfort and heat. These four foods are such quintessential Jamaican fare that they should not be missed.

Jerk chicken is one of the most popular Jamaican dishes and is known worldwide for its heat and the fact that it truly falls off the bone. Jerk chicken is spiced with scotch bonnets, pimento, scallions, onions, and thyme – there are variations, but those are the real staples. Traditionally jerk chicken is roasted over coals on top of pimento wood, but it is also delicious when cooked pan style. Served with rice and peas this dish cannot be missed.


Goat curry is a very special dish that is often served at celebrations. It is highly influenced by the Indian population on the island, but the method that goat curry is cooked varies from the traditional Indian style. While Indian curries are made by cooking the spices in oil then adding meat, Jamaican goat curry is made by marinating the meat in the spices and then cooking in oil.


Oxtails are larger than cow tails, and when well seasoned and cooked for hours they become beyond tender, to the point when the meat falls from the bone. One of Jamaica’s most prominent comfort foods, it is often cooked with broad beans and served as a stew over rice. It is seasoned with scallions, scotch bonnets, garlic, thyme, allspice, and salt and pepper.


Stew chicken is a delicious chicken dish served with rice and peas, it is made by frying the chicken until it takes on a dark brown colour and then stewing it with seasonings and water until a gravy has formed. A popular Sunday dinner, you will want to add this to your own weekend repertoire once you’ve tried it.


Living in Canada means that every person has the honour to learn about other people’s culture and ancestry. We are a mosaic of people from all over the world and strive to live together in harmony. Jamaican culture is one of the many that make up this mosaic, and it is vibrant and full of love. One way to experience it is through delicious Jamaican food. For a truly authentic experience come to Jamaican House Jerk and sample our delicious menu. You’ll leave feeling like you just took a little vacation in the Caribbean.